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The Golden Gift  (Non -Fiction)

Inside ‘The Golden Gift’ is a shocking revelation that no banker ever wants you to know...

Non-Fiction. The implementation of a Sound Monetary System would quickly stimulate the most immediate and significant progress in solving poverty, refugee crises, hunger, war and terrorism that the world has ever seen and usher in a new renaissance that would raise the standard of living for all of humanity at the greatest pace in modern history. Today, just a handful of very powerful banking families have forced all of us into utilizing an immoral monetary system that enriches ONLY THEM while it enforces zero limits on how rapidly they can create new credit and devalue all existing money for EVERYONE ELSE. Inside The Golden Gift, we not only let you know how the system works, but we provide a solution that can hopefully pave the way for a new monetary system built upon integrity, honor and justice for all.

US $14.99 Print.
US $8.99 Ebook.

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The Staggering Depths of Blissfulness   (Literary Fiction)

In The Staggering Depths of Blissfulness, Emseeaye, a young man whose life is marked by alternating events of staggering beauty and anguished tragedy, is uprooted from his war-torn Laotian village to attend college in New York City. There, everything that he knows to be true is suddenly brought into question. When Emseeaye accompanies his best friend Melina to her hometown in Belize after three years, he re-discovers a long-lost perspective that triggers a series of hauntingly beautiful perceptual experiences. Under the tutelage of a remarkable blind man, Emceeaye discovers the existence of the “three dominions”, altered states of perception that teach him to feel, see, hear, and think in ways previously unknown to him. When Emseeaye learns to see life through multiple perspectives granted him by his mastery of the three dominions, he learns to see what is truly important in life. In a race to unravel the secrets behind the three dominions, Emseeaye must weigh his decisions carefully. Succeed, and he will re-discover forgotten secrets. Fail, and he will forever lose Melina. The Staggering Depths of Blissfulness is an extraordinary yet simple story about love, the loss of innocence, and wonder.”

US $17.95 Print.
US $9.70 Ebook.

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In 1999, Patrick Thibedi (Chamusso) founded Two Sisters as an established care centre for children orphaned through the AIDS pandemic. Two Sisters’ aim is to continue to develop and expand the drop-inn centre established in 1999, making it a flagship in the Mganduzweni Trust Area in South Africa and to set standards for others to follow. Two Sisters delivers day-to-day care for orphans, whose parent(s) have died of HIV/AIDS or related illnesses, and the provision of foster homes when necessary. Catch a Fire, a biographical Hollywood movie starring Derek Luke and Tim Robbins, depicts the early years of Patrick’s life and his struggle against the system of Apartheid in South Africa.  More information about Two Sisters can be found at:


The Mulligan Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children with disabilities in Dien Ban, Vietnam. It is widely believed that the staggering numbers of children born with disabilities in Dien Ban are due in part to the heavy spraying of defoliants such as Agent Orange that Dien Ban endured during the war with the United States. Approximately 20 million gallons of herbicides were sprayed on Vietnam between 1962-1971. The Mulligan Project not only provides special education, physical therapy and healthcare services to an underserved and overlooked generation of children growing up without the education they deserve, but more importantly, helps these children live a life with dignity again. More information about The Mulligan Project can be found at:


Jennifer Lo founded Future Light Children's Home in Mae Sot, Thailand. A full time staff of at Future Light Kids provides desperately needed housing, education and security to dozens of refugee children. Currently, Jennifer is reorganizing Future Light Kids with a broader mission of extending its goal to alleviating poverty and providing education to children all over the world. More information about Future Light Kids coming soon.
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Why a Return to Gold and Silver Money Can
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