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cio 3-month cio 6-month* 6-month platinum
recurring charge not automatic not automatic not automatic
quarterly vs. 6-month
your price is locked
for 3-months
your price is locked
for 6-months
recurring charge no pro-rated
refund available
no pro-rated
refund available
Compare Membership
specific price points
to buy & exit porfolo assets**
monthly macro-
economic analysis
discussion of bank fraud/
manipulation schemes
interim special alert bulletins
access to prior 2 years of archives and special reports
annual stock & asset guide
discussion of the best junior
gold and silver mining stocks
discussion of asset classes
outside of cio portfolio
special alerts about
fast moving opportunities
discussion of options
in-depth analysis of
gold/silver short-tern volatility
special reports about
42 learning modules
with exam questions

*No pro-rated refund is available per quarterly or annual charge once a fee has been charged.
**Specific buy and exit prices are provided when assets orginally added or removed from cio portfolio. Changing price ranges provided for all cio assets every month. For platinum members, buy prices & buy ranges provided only for annual stock & asset guide but very detailed learning modules provided to guide all platinum members in formulating intelligent price points for entry and exit strategies.