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SmartKnowledgeU™ Frequently Asked Questions
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All major credit card companies have made major changes to their online purchasing procedures without many of their customers being aware of these changes. Many now require registering a user password and/or registering for 3D Authentication before allowing an online purchase. Nearly all merchant banking platforms, including ours, now require a 3D authenticated card to process an online purchase. This is a new security step with most credit cards, and 99% of rejected purchases on our website can be solved by calling the bank that issued you your credit card and asking them why your online purchase was rejected. In 99% of the cases in which credit cards are rejected during the online payment process, it is NOT our shopping cart that has rejected the payment, but it is the bank that issued the credit card being used that has rejected the payment. Kindly call the bank that has issued you your credit card, and bank personnel will then be able to guide you in what need to do in order to make your credit card eligible to use for online purchases. Please call your bank first before writing us about an online purchase rejection, as in 99% of cases, this clears up the problem. To learn more about 3D authentication, and why credit card companies are now requiring this, click here.

If you are a returning recent Member, and are receiving a message that the username has already been taken, please kindly leave the username box EMPTY, and you will be able to complete your purchase. If you are a returning recent Member, since your username is already in our system, you cannot choose it again. However, you can still keep your old username, though you will be instructed to update your password to a new password for security reasons if you are a returning Member.

Finally, if you are using Internet Explorer (IE) 6 browser or an old version of IE Explorer on Windows XP, old IE browser versions have been discovered to have severe security vulnerabilities, so you will not be able to make payment if running this outdated browser version. Please ensure that your browser is updated to the latest version, whether you are running IE, Safari, Chrome or Firefox. If you are unable to access our payment page to enter your credit card information or you receive any type of error message, then updating your browser to the latest version will likely solve your problem. If this does not solve your problem, then please clear your browser's cache as well. If you have visited our website in the past, you want to make sure that your browser is pointing you to the most recent page, and not to an old page stored from a previous visit. You can do this by clearing your browser's cache. If you don't know how to do this, simply Google "How do I clear the cache on (insert your browser's name here, i.e., Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.). If following these instructions do NOT solve your problem, then please email us with the specific information your bank gave you, or specific information about the error message you receive when trying to make a payment (with enclosed screenshot) and we will work with you as quickly as we can to assist the completion of your purchase.

No. SmartKnowledgeU™ provides no personalized investment advice. SmartKnowledgeU™ does not provide individual investment advice, manage money, or act as an investment advisor. We are an educational system and investment research service only and provide no money management services through SmartKnowledgeU™. If you desire a private consultation, we provide those services through another subsidiary of ours, and you can learn more here. Our educational curriculum teaches our customers how to leverage the best possible information sources that have been made available through the flattening of the information world to identify stocks with low-risk, high-reward setups and many stocks and asset classes that are largely ignored or unknown by the average investor. Thus, while we do not provide any personalized investment advice specific to an individual investor, we do provide a revolutionary system of investing strategies, investment research, & investment education. While we offer our opinions about specific asset classes and stocks, our opinions are strictly for informational purposes and should not be construed as investment advice. Please refer to all fact sheets on our homepage for detailed information regarding each of our services. Furthermore, we do not provide any legal or tax advice and one should always consult your CPA or tax adviser in regard to the implementation of our strategies.

We offer 14-day, limited access, trial memberships for our Platinum Membership only. We offer two-sample issues for review with our Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter online (to learn how to access our free sample CIO newsletter issues, please read our CIO fact sheet), so we do not offer a 14-day trial with our CIO investment newsletter. If you signed up for a combined Platinum/CIO newsletter discounted package or the Wealth Secrets/CIO newsletter discounted package on a 14-day trial basis, the trial membership applies only to the Platinum and Wealth Secrets Memberships, and NOT to the CIO membership. No 14-day trial is available for the CIO membership. Should you decide, after the 14-day trial, not to accept the Platinum and/or Wealth Secrets Membership, then the price you will be charged for the CIO Membership will revert to the regular price of the CIO Membership and not the discounted package price. If you are not sure if you would like the CIO newsletter when buying a package deal, simply do not access the newsletter during the 14-day trial. Any access of the CIO newsletter during the 14-day trial will invalidate any type of refund associated with the cost of the CIO Membership.

Regarding our annual Crisis Investment Opportunities membership and our annual Platinum & annual Wealth Secrets membership, once you join you have immediate access to all information associated with that information. Thus, we do not offer any pro-rated memberships with these three memberships. Regarding our monthly CIO membership, your credit card will automatically be charged every 30-days but you may cancel anytime after the first-month (a one-month membership minimum payment is required for the monthly CIO membership). For full details of how the refund works for the CIO monthly membership, please refer to our CIO fact sheet available on the homepage of our website or at the link above.

Upon payment access to all content of your paid subscription level, your username and log in will be activated in about 24 hours. However, if you signed up during the weekend, please allow for activation on the following first business day. Please note that our business offices are located in Singapore. If you purchased on a Friday in a country outside of Singapore, our offices may have already been closed, and you will then need to wait about 48 to 60 hours for activation, or again, until the next business day, as we will activate your membership the following Monday morning. If you signed up for the 14-day trail membership, you will be granted limited access to membership materials as described in all fact sheets available on our homepage at http://www.smartknowledgeu.com. If you signed up for immediate access, then you will receive full access to ALL membership materials within 24 hours of payment or on the following first business day. Access to our course content, exercises, exam questions, and special reports is all online and is made available by logging in with the unique username and password that you selected upon payment.

Please do NOT write J.S. Kim any emails asking for personal advice as to how you should invest your money in response to this crisis. If you wish to receive individualized attention, you can schedule a private consultation with him or consider our monthly investment newsletter. Please understand that he will not respond to personal requests for free advice as he can not provide any intelligent information without having a lengthy discussion with someone about their personal goals and risk appetite. Furthermore, given the volume of emails that J.S. receives every month, it is physically impossible for him to respond to these types of emails on a personal basis.

Our system relies on utilizing information made available, some only within the past several years, to identify corporate money trails to significantly change the risk-reward paradigm from the advantage of the big investment firm to the individual investor. Our SmartKnowledgeU™ investment strategies leverage information regarding the close ties among governments, powerful financial institutions and corporations to identify the best investments opportunities in the global arena. In doing so, we do not rely on fundamental or technical analysis as our primary screens, but instead rely on other sources of predictive information highly correlated to annual returns of 25% or more.

Most investors take the well-traveled, broad path to mediocrity. They simply hand their money over to a big firm that then uses the lowest common denominator, the Modern Portfolio Theory of Diversification, to invest your money into a portfolio so diversified; you are virtually guaranteed mediocre returns year after year after year. To earn superior returns, you absolutely must take the path to excellence that very few investors are willing to take. And that path requires learning how to do-it-yourself.

Again, if you view this path as a lifelong commitment and place it in its proper perspective then the choice should be a simple one. Most people commit at least eight to twelve hours a day to a job, that unless it pays you more than several hundred thousand dollars a year, will never earn you financial freedom. Learning to invest your money properly is far more likely to earn you financial freedom than your job. Most people again, will freely devote another five hours a week outside of work for professional designations that enhance their "sale-ability" as a professional but yet again, are unlikely to earn them financial freedom.

Depending on the pace you work at, an hour a day will most likely be sufficient for the majority of people to complete our course including all exercises and exams within six months to a year to feel sufficiently ready to utilize our strategies. Again, this is just a rough estimate, as certainly particularly motivated individuals or those that are not working full time with more free time will be able to complete our entire course within a month to several months, leaving more time to review practice exercises before actually putting our strategies to work for them.

Think of this as an investment that will last you the rest of your lifetime that will help you build wealth and achieve financial freedom. If you have a large account with a global investment firm and execute three to five trades that involve large blocks of shares, your commissions alone for these few trades can exceed several thousand dollars. If you buy a flat screen plasma TV, you will most likely pay in the area of $4,000 or more. One nice family vacation is sure to cost you more than $5,000. And if you buy something as simple as two Starbuck frapuccinos a day, M-F, throughout the year, within 2 years, you will spend over $5,000 on coffee alone.

Furthermore, since our system allows you to identify some of the safest places to invest money, we allow you to invest with less risk and worry as conventional means of investing. If you have 30 years, or even just 20 years of investing left in your lifetime, the price to learn our comprehensive system will cost you about $0.50 a day. As our strategies have led to instances where our members have earned multiples of our fees in just a matter of weeks, it is certainly possible to recoup the membership fees very quickly as this crisis deepens. For further information on our value compared to other investment services, please download our factsheets available on our homepage.

Again, we do not provide any specific, personalized advice through any of our SmartKnowledgeU™ services. We sometimes receive hundreds of inquiries per week and it is impossible for us to respond to each inquiry individually. However, if many of our members have the same question, then we address these questions in special member alerts, updates to curriculum, or the following month's newsletter (in the case of our investment newsletter). As far as individual consultations, we have another company, Blue Ocean Investments, LLC, that will handle individual consultations. Please check our homepage for more information regarding this service.

When markets are doing well, everyone is an expert - a rising tide lifts all boats. Ten years ago, when the U.S. markets were returning about 18% a year, nobody needed any help. This is the saying in surgery as well -- Surgery is incredibly easy if everything goes right. But what if things go wrong? Even when things go right, investors should be clearing 40% a year if market indexes are returning 18% with a proper investment system such as ours, so most individual investors still leave significant gains on the table. Similar markets to those times in the U.S. are now being experienced in Asian markets like China and India. However, all emerging markets will correct steeply at some point.

It is during these times, that most individuals that felt they were fine on their own will lose 20%, 30% or more very quickly. In fact, when I spoke to many of those people that in the early 90's "didn't need help" during market downturns and asked them what they were doing, the overwhelming majority said, "just sitting tight and waiting for markets to come back." This is not a strategy. If you lose 30% in down markets then you will need to earn over 60% the next year just to earn a 15 % return from the point the markets started falling. A great system will make you money in market downturns as well as market bull runs. That's the advantage the SmartKnowledgeU™ investment system gives you. Our system will grant you the best chance of making money during turbulent global markets as well as bull global markets. You can review for yourself the incredible benefit of learning the longtail of investment strategies by tracking our "Success Stories" page by clicking on the button at the top of this page.

Yes. As we stated in our Legal Notice, Disclaimer and Terms of Use link available at the bottom of all our webpages, a single username and password may NOT be shared among multiple persons. All individual memberships are monitored daily for username and password sharing violations, and any violations of our Terms of Use are sufficient grounds for membership termination and forfeiture of all paid membership fees. If you wish to purchase a corporate membership package, there is a minimum number of five memberships required to qualify. With a minimum of five memberships, we will apply a discount of $1,000 per individual. For example, if you wanted to purchase a Platinum corporate membership plan for five individuals, your total cost, if the individual Platinum membership rate at the time is $7,000 (our rates have increased every year due to demand), would be 5 x $6,000 = $30,000. Please simply email us at info-at-smartknowledgeu-dot-com and we will be happy to set you up with a corporate membership plan.

SmartKnowledgeU™ Members - FAQs
(please click on the questions to view the answers)
If there is a problem with our system, we will know about it because we will be bombarded with messages about access issues. However, since we never have had a system wide issue since the launch of our company, other than due to system wide updates taking place in which our system may be down temporarily, the chances are that there is a problem specific to your computer that is causing your access problems. First, we recommend running a complete virus scan of your computer. We have discovered that in many cases, a simple virus scan solves the access problem. If you do use a virus scan software and run virus scans regularly, the chances are nearly 100% that you have a virus on your computer. Furthermore, it is a myth that if you own Apple computers, you do not need to run virus scans. You do, and you should. If running a virus scan does not work, then try clearing your browser's cache and then try re-downloading or re-accessing the information. If you have visited our website in the past, you want to make sure that your browser is pointing you to the most recent page, and not to an old page stored from a previous visit. You can do this by clearing your browser's cache. If you don't know how to do this, simply Google "How do I clear the cache on (insert your browser's name here, i.e., Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.). We have discovered that following these two steps solves about 99% of the inquiries we receive.

As we stated in the above paragraph, there will be occasions that our servers are being update and our systems are temporarily down. In these instances, we will let you know this is the case. As our servers are located in Asia, most of the times, our servers are updated in the very early morning hours, such as 2AM or 3AM in the morning as to not interrupt service here. However, these early morning hours translate into early afternoon hours on the East coast of the Americas and late afternoon hours on the West coast of the Americas. If you live in the Americas and encounter a problem, it could be due to our servers being updated. However, we will not release Special Alerts during these times, or if we need to do so during these times, then we will release the content of the Special Alert within the body of the email itself to avoid this problem. Otherwise, please try the two steps in the above paragraph, and these steps normally will solve our clients' problems.

All information for all memberships are accessed in the same manner. Go to our homepage at https://www.smartknowledgeu.com. In the top right hand corner of the page, log in with your assigned member username/password combination. After you log in, click on the "Module" link on the top menu. You will then see all memberships that you purchased listed. Simply click on the membership name and you will then see links for all materials, including all Special Alerts and bulletins, for that particular membership.

After you pay for your membership, it will take about 24 hours for your membership to be activated unless you purchased on a Friday. Please note that our office hours are 9AM to 5PM Singapore time. If you purchased on a Friday in a country outside of Singapore our offices may have already been closed, and you will then need to wait about 48 to 60 hours for activation as we will activate your membership the following Monday morning. You will receive a second email notification informing you of your activated status. Please note that to ensure that communications from SmartKnowledgeU™ are not sent to your SPAM box, please add the email address "member-at-smartknowledgeu-dot-com" to your contact list if you are a Platinum Member/Wealth Secrets Member and/or the email address cio-at-smartknowledgeu-dot-com to your contact list if you are a Crisis Investment Opportunities Member.

Alternatively, your membership may not yet be activated because you failed to choose a password that was 8 to 10 characters in length and a combination of letters and numbers. If this is this case, you will be asked to change your password to meet our security criteria and at that time, your membership will be activated again within 24 hours.

We don't always release our new Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter on exactly the first of each month. Sometimes, there are developments that we seek more information on in writing our newsletters to provide more value to you that delay the issuance of our newsletter each month. However, you can expect to receive each monthly newsletter sometime between the 1st and the 8th of each month.

While JS would like to answer all of your emails, given that he receives hundreds of emails everyday from members regarding specific stocks and regional markets, it is unfortunately impossible for him to personally respond to each and every email. However JS DOES READ all emails that he receives. Please do not send emails asking for personal advice as SmartKnowledgeU™ does not provide any individual investment advice. However, if you have general questions about our curriculum content or investment newsletter content, please send them to member-at-smartknowledgeu-dot-com or to cio-at-smartknowledgeu-dot-com if you are a Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter subscriber. JS will read every email that is sent to our member email inboxes and if there are many members and readers that ask the same question, he will attempt to answer these questions in Special Member Alerts emailed to all members or in subsequent newsletters.

SmartKnowledge Pte Limited is an information and research company and we are legally prohibited from dispensing any information related to taxes, any information that might be construed as tax advice, and from answering any questions regarding the implication of VATs and taxes on your precious metal purchases. All questions related to taxes in any way, including the tax implications of precious metal purchases should be directed to your CPA or accountant.

Since the stop-losses we use should be automatically triggered, we don't issue any Special Alerts alerting you of this event as these orders are automatically triggered. When we decide the time is right to re-purchase the same asset(s) or re-purchase different asset(s) with the cash proceeds of the executed stop-loss order then we will issue a Special Alert at this time, but NOT before this time, so please just be patient until we let you know that it is time to take action again. Furthermore, if you miss a Special Alert to buy or sell an asset at a certain price, please do not write us and ask us what you should do. You will have to make the best judgment regarding your specific situation on whether to buy or sell an asset if you miss our Special Alert. Our guidance is based on specific prices we outline in our Special Alert, so if the price has moved far away from the prices specified in our Special Alert, we cannot tell you what to do. If we issue a Special Alert to buy an asset, we liked buying the asset at the specified price and if we issue a Special Alert to sell an asset, we believe it was time to sell the asset at the specified price. These would be the prices we believe to be optimum to buy or sell an asset so unfortunately, if you do not act upon our Special Alerts at the time we issue them, then you will have to decide on your own what is best for your specific situation.

As noted in our CIO fact sheet available on our website and also in our welcome message to you once you purchase a CIO membership, we do not offer any type of pro-rated refunds available with any of our CIO memberships. Our fact sheet is available on our home page and also at this link.

Send an email to the SmartKnowledgeU email address associated with your membership with the subject heading "New email address". Just changing your email address online in the members' only area will not ensure you receive our emails at a new email address. Please send us an email informing us of your email address change to ensure that we send all future emails to your new email address. If you are unsure of the proper SmartKnowledgeU email address to use in notifying us of this change, please refer to the "contact us" button above.

Our technicians check all newsletter issues after we post them in the membership only area on the Safari and Firefox browser to ensure that they are working correctly, and they test each issue on a Mac and a PC as well, before we send notification of the issue out to our members. Please use Safari and the Firefox browsers with our website for best results. If you have been referred to this FAQ page, this means that we have not heard from any other members about access problems as of yet and thus, we believe that your problem of access is one specific to your computer.

In our welcome message to you, we advised you to check certain browser settings to ensure that our website would function properly. Since our links contain pop-up windows, please ensure that your browser settings allow for pop-up windows for our website. If you are blocking pop-up windows for our website, our website will not function properly, including all links. If you do not know how to unblock pop-up windows, please consult your browser's user guide or help menu online to learn how to do so.

If you try the above and are still having problems specifically accessing our CIO newsletter and/or any Platinum reports, please save the newsletter or report to your hard drive first. Our newsletters and reports can be very large files so if you try to open and read the issue online, if you have low-bandwidth internet service, the issue may not load properly online. On Safari, when you click on the "click here" link, a pop-up window will appear that asks, "What should (your browser) do with this file?" and two buttons, one for "Open with Adobe Acrobat" and the other that says "Save file." Choose "Save file" and this will download the file to your hard drive. Then open up the issue from your hard drive instead of accessing the issue directly online. If you use Firefox, please refer to this link to learn how to save the report to your hard drive first.

If none of the above solutions solve your access problem, then please run a complete virus scan with either McAfee or Norton Antivirus on your computer. On occasion, our members have discovered that a virus on their computer was preventing proper functionality of our website. If you try all of these solutions and none of these three solutions solve your problem, then please email us again. However, the above solutions fix the access problem for our client 99% of the time.

Unless we feel that a change in strategy is necessary before the release of the next month's issue, you will not receive a Special Alerts bulletin. This means that we feel that you should not change your course of action so please do not write and ask us if you should sell or place stop losses on specific stocks as (a) we can't answer these questions as that constitutes individual investment advice which we do not provide; and (b) we will issue a Special Alert if we change the strategies with any of the stocks we hold in our investment newsletter. Finally, if you don't understand that volatility in our PM stocks does NOT necessarily equate to risk, then you probably have not read all the information we urged you to read when you became a new member. Ensure that you have read all of this information, especially the document in the members only area titled "BRAND NEW SUBSCRIBERS, READ".

Please click the menu button at the top of this page titled "Membership Options". You will find all shopping cart buttons to renew memberships there. Please ensure that you choose the renewal button for retail if you are a retail customer and the renewal button for institutional if you are an institutional customer. If you wish to renew a quarterly or annual membership, please select and add the appropriate membership to your shopping cart and follow the instructions to complete your purchase/renewal. If you don't understand the difference between a "retail" and "institutional" customer, please see the question below,"What is the difference between the retail and institutional SmartKnowledgeU fee schedule?" In addition, if you are renewing your membership, please note that you do NOT have to choose a new username and that you can continue to use your existing username.

Just go the Member Info link on the left hand member menu that you will see on the first page that appears when you first log in. After you click on this link, will be asked to enter your current password, select a new password, and then confirm your new password. Just remember that your new password must be at least 8 characters in length and a combination of letters and numbers.

To retrieve a lost password, click on the "forgot password?" link right below the log in panel. Your password will be automatically and instantaneously sent to the email address you used to register with us.

After you pay for your initial membership, you have a 90-day period during which you may upgrade your membership. After 90 days have passed, you must purchase a new membership and can not upgrade your existing membership. Please note that if you want your upgraded membership to be activated after about 24 hours, that you must select a NEW username and a NEW password during the checkout process. TO UPGRADE YOUR MEMBERSHIP, click here

The second exam consists of all questions you answered correctly from ALL the exams included in your membership level. You will not have access to the second exam until you have completed all exams included in your membership level.

You can take each exam only one time, although you will be given the option to take a second exam that consists of all questions you answered incorrectly from all initial exams. However, you can review all your exam questions along with answer explanations an unlimited amount of times during the valid period of your membership. On the main member page, you will see the status for all learning modules included in your membership level. For the modules where status is labeled "complete", click on this link, then click on the exam link to review the questions and explanations.

No. Just click on the logout link on the menu on the left hand side of the main member page, and our system will automatically save all of your work. When you return to the exam, you will not start from the beginning but from the last question you answered before logging out. IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you close the exam window (all exams open up in a new window) and return back to the main member page with the menu on the left hand side of the page. You must click on the logout link on the menu if you want your work to be saved. Otherwise your work may not be saved.

All memberships are valid for a 12-month period from the date your username and password are activated. At the end of the year, if you are a Platinum Member and wish to continue receiving our timely Special Member alerts & bulletins as well as access to all new learning modules, you can do so for the current US dollar equivalent of 1.25 troy ounces of gold. To check on remaining time of valid membership, on the main member page, click on the "subscribe info" link or look at the top of the webpage you see immediately after logging in to our members only area for dates of expiration.

We grant a money back guarantee period to review our materials. Therefore, we have made it difficult to print out materials to prevent people from abusing our guarantee by copying all materials and then asking for their money back. Unfortunately, this is necessary to prevent our intellectual property from being copied.

Separate retail and institutional rates is standard practice in our industry because the benefits of our services to an institutional buyer is potentially much greater than the benefits of an individual retail investor. Basically, a retail individual is anyone that is not an employee or affiliated in any manner with an investment firm, bank, or financial company or institution. Any individual that is an employee of, or affiliated with, an investment firm, bank, or any type of financial company or institution should pay the institutional rate.

Please click on any of our "contact us" links that you can find either at the very bottom of each page or click on the "contact us" button in the menu area at the top of each page. We kindly request that you contact us through our requested email channel depending upon your specified reason. Please ensure that you follow the proper method of contacting us according to the reason for your inquiry to ensure a prompt response. Contacting us using an improper channel not reserved for responding to that request may result in no response.

Unless you hear from us, you don't have to do anything. If we decide to re-purchase the assets that hit our stop-losses, we will issue a new interim Special Alert when we believe the time to re-purchase them is right. If we do not issue an interim Special Alert, then you need not take any action and we will update our strategy regarding the cash proceeds of the assets that were sold in the next monthly issue.

Per the information provided here in this FAQ section, please ensure that you sent your question to the proper listed email address per your membership. If you sent your question through an improper channel, your question will not be answered. Because we receive such a high volume of emails daily, if the answer to your question is contained within the FAQ section here, you will also not receive an answer. The answers to many any questions we receive every single month can be found right here and because we receive so many emails daily, all members should seek the answers to any questions they may have here first so we can concentrate on answering only questions that are not answered here. We appreciate members using the available resources we have provided to first answer their questions whenever possible before sending us questions. Thank you!

With our CIO newsletter, we send one issue a month, by the 6th of each month, and normally only issue interim Special Alerts in between issues if we are going to take action with our portfolio. If we do not issue any Special Alerts in between issues, this does not mean we are not watching markets closely, especially during volatile periods of trading. However, it does mean that there are no actions necessary at the current time. We issue much more in-depth and frequent Special Alerts that explain our strategies to all Platinum Members, so if one desires a more frequent running commentary on market price behaviors and actions, our Platinum Membership is likely the more suitable membership for you. In addition, we offer a limited Platinum Membership that is much less than our full Platinum Membership in which one will have access to all of our much more in-depth and frequent Platinum Special Alerts. For full details about the differences between our Platinum and Crisis Investment Opportunities membership, please refer to the fact sheets of each membership available on our homepage at smartknowledgeu.com.