"we build wealth, not dreams"

- J.S. Kim
Managing Director
& Chief Investment Strategist
our mission
The seeds of SmartKnowledgeU™ were planted with a simple bet. From that seed, over the next five years, I planted the roots of SmartKnowledgeU™. From those roots, a free investment newsletter sprouted that I originally distributed merely as a public service to friends that constantly asked me for investment guidance. Within just a few months, that simple newsletter grew into a distribution list of more than 300 people. Within a couple years the 300 subscribers grew into 3,000 subscribers, and today, many more times this number now subscribe to our free newsletter. From our many roots finally sprouted our branches, an online subscription campus that evolved into a full lineup of investment & consulting services that has now become SmartKnowledgeU™.
Our corporate mission at SmartKnowledgeU™ is to provide unconventional, non-traditional education and investment strategies for both adults and young adults, inexperienced and experienced alike, to inform and inspire others to join us in creating a happier, wealthier world for everyone through a Sound Money for a Better Future policy. Our services focus on educating others about:
(1) the financial secrets universities deliberately withhold from students today regarding how to truly build wealth;
(2) the corporate secrets CEOs and regulators withhold from the public regarding how they rig capital markets and stack the chips against the retail investor everyday; and
(3) the methodology and strategies the retail investor needs to utilize to overcome the rigging games and deliberate disinformation campaigns of the financial elite to beat the financial crooks at their own game.
At SmartKnowledgeU, we are not perfect and we frankly discuss our mistakes with our members when we make them. For example, in 2008, when all developed stock markets plunged by about 40% that year, though we still returned very slight positive yields to our newsletter subscribers, we admitted that the ferocity with which bankers crashed gold and silver that year caught us slightly off guard. We learned, from that year forward, to never again underestimate the malicious intent of bankers when managing our portfolio. Furthermore, at SmartKnowledgeU, we pledge to always remain transparent. Read the fact sheet about our CIO newsletter, and you will discover that we never attempt to hide any aspect regarding the portfolio we build, and that one also needs to remain with us for at least a year to truly evaluate our newsletter. However, we also describe in detail the reason why mass perceptions about investing are often wrong, and why assets perceived to be volatile can actually translate to low-risk assets.
On a larger scale, our global mission is to inform and inspire the masses to transform our current, immoral monetary system from one that allows bankers to silently confiscate wealth from every citizen on this planet into one that is a just and fair system that promotes:
(1) the migration of the poor into the middle class
(2) places severe restrictions on the propensity of nations to wage war; and
(3) allows humanity to reach its immeasurable positive potential.
about us
Our Managing Director & Chief Investment Strategist, JS Kim, graduated from the prestigious Ivy League school the University of Pennsylvania. Shortly thereafter, JS took a job with a healthcare firm in Philadelphia and helped deliver healthcare to impoverished communities that lacked proper medical care. During his stint at this firm, JS learned the hard facts about economics that never make it to the wide, doe-eyed world of elite Ivy League educational institutions and he concluded that traditional forums of education teach students little of the real knowledge necessary to build wealth.
After serving this healthcare firm for four years, JS returned to graduate school and earned a double Master in Business Administration/ Master in Public Policy from the McCombs Business School and the Lyndon B. Johnson School at the University of Texas at Austin. During his time at the University of Texas, JS wrote his graduate thesis about the flow of information through the mainstream media (MSM) chain and discovered that "official" MSM distributed information was often a farce and that real information often only rested well outside the margins of the MSM. Furthermore, while earning his Master degree in public policy, JS attended speeches and lectures by former US Presidents, Defense Secretaries and Governors who all spoke openly about the "corporatocracies" that exist in the world today. From listening to these speeches, JS concluded that markets were not free as one is taught in business school, but that all capital markets were actually rigged by these corporatocracies. After three years of graduate school, JS went on to work as a Private Banker and as a Private Client Wealth consultant at one of the largest US banks and for one of the largest Wall Street firms.
However, after witnessing years of corruption and immoral behavior at these firms, and after witnessing countless episodes where clients were deliberately deceived and taken advantage of, JS decided, out of disgust, to permanently walk away from the commercial investment industry. Out of this decision, JS founded SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent investment research, education and consulting firm with a mission to inform and inspire others to build a happier, wealthier world for everyone. As far back as September 9, 2006, JS Kim, was one of only a handful of people to publicly put his reputation on the line with his newly founded firm, SmartKnowledgeU, by predicting the onset of a severe economic crisis in an article he published called "The Peak Investment Crisis." In this article, JS emphatically stated, "We are on the brink of a major global economic crisis" at the very same time economic pundits were calling for a new period of great economic growth and record low unemployment. In February and March of 2007, JS Kim predicted the ongoing currency crisis, the 2008 US housing debacle created by liar loans, and future bank insolvency problems in this visionary magazine article "The Coming Currency Crisis." On May 8, 2009, JS provided his take on Alan Greenspan's infamous 1966 essay "Gold and Economic Freedom" in his article "Gold and Economic Freedom, Reinterpreted for the 21st Century." In this article, JS pulled back the curtain on banking fraud to explain the mechanisms by which Central Banks manipulate capital markets up and down for their own benefit and to the detriment of every citizen in this world.
For ten consecutive years now, JS has correctly predicted every step of this crisis from hedge fund, housing market and Wall Street firm collapses to the present woes of the US dollar and the Euro to the continuing bull market in gold and silver, and has guided our clients to profitability with his uncannily accurate predictions. As a result of JS's ability to consistently and accurately predict the next steps of this ongoing crisis, he has been a frequent guest on Max Keiser's "The Keiser Report" and his analysis has been frequently featured on the online sites of the New York Times, Zero Hedge, GATA, Reuters, the UK Financial Times, the International Business Times and many other international financial media sites.
As a fiercely independent firm, SmartKnowledgeU accepts no monetary solicitations from the commercial investment industry.
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