SmartKnowledgeU Referral Program

Welcome to the The SmartKnowledgeU™ Referral Program. Below please find a form whereby you can send your friends a quick email that will notify them of our services. This referral program is open ONLY to current and past paid subscribers of SmartKnowledgeU™ memberships. We will NOT pay referral fees to anyone that is not, or has not been, a paid-up subscriber of our Platinum Membership, Crisis Investment Opportunity Membership, Wealth Secrets Membership or Private & Corporate Consultations.

Our Referral Payout Schedule

(1) For our Platinum Membership and Consultancy Services, we will pay out 10% of our membership fee for every one of your friends that you notify that becomes a member*. This can be upwards of US $800 or more for every one of your friends that becomes a SmartKnowledgeU™ member.*

(2) For our Wealth Secrets and Crisis Investment Opportunities membership, we will pay out 12.5% of our subscription fee for each member that joins.**

(3) There is no limit to the amount of referral fees you can earn. If you earn enough referral fees to pay for your membership(s) in one year, we will not cap your referral fees, and you will be free to earn additional referral fees for every referred client that subscribes to any of our memberships at the same rate outlined above.

*Referral fees will be paid out only on DIRECT referrals. For example, if your refer our memberships to person A, and person A then refers to person B, person A is a direct referral, but person B is not.

**the pay-out amount depends on the membership fee at the time the membership is purchased. For example, if you refer someone that purchases a Platinum Membership, and the cost of the Platinum Membership is USD $8,000 at the time, we will pay out the dollar equivalent of 10% of this fee, or USD $800. Through paypal, it may be possible to paid out in the Euro, Pound or Yen US dollar-equivalent instead of dollars if you live in other countries, but as we are just launching this program, we are researching this possibility now and will post more information as we assess the logistics of doing so. In addition, referral fees for the Crisis Investment Opportunity membership apply only to annual memberships, not to monthly memberships.

How Our Referral Program Works

Currently, we have members from about 33 different countries around the world. In the four years that we have been in operation, we have learned that our services do not attract mainstream investors, but instead, we tend to attract a very small niche market - investors that are independent thinkers and that, in our opinion, truly understand the fraud that politicians, commercial investment firms, commercial banks, and Central Banks have committed over the years to rig financial markets. Furthermore, we believe that we have been able to attract investors from locales as geographically distant as Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Croatia, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia and Canada specifically because we design our strategies to be effective no matter our client's country of residence. We would like you to know, that once prospective clients inquire into our services that our conversion rate is normally 80% or above, so if you can convince one of your referrals to read our fact sheets and learn more about us, we believe that you have a good chance of earning substantial referral fees with us. After you complete the below referral form, you have our promise that our friends will receive no further email communications from us unless they directly contact us and explicitly request further information. As we have no cap on the amount of referral fees you can earn, you can complete the below referral form and send it to as many people as many times as you wish.

When and How Do You Receive Your Referral Fees?

In our shopping cart purchase form, there is a space for your referred friend to fill in your name and email address if he/she purchases any of our memberships. Even if your referred friend becomes a SmartKnowledgeU™ member but he/she forgets to inform us, we have a back-up system in place to ensure that you will still get paid for your referral. The email addresses you complete in the below form will be sent to us and compiled into a database. Consequently, we will be able to cross-check the email addresses of all of our new members against this database. This gives us a second mechanism to ensure that you get paid if anyone in your referral network becomes a SmartKnowledgeU™ member. Once you have earned your first referral fee, we will send you, via email, instructions on how to set up a paypal account so we can send you your referral fees. We will pay all earned referral fees four times a year at the end of each quarter (on March 31, June 30, September 31, and at the end of each year; or each time your accumulated referral fees grow to a minimum of US $300, whichever event occurs first. If your referral fees at the end of the year do not surpass USD $300, then we will send you your accumulated referral fees at this time). Feel free to visit this page as often as you would like to send our message to as many friends you would like.

Spread the Word About Our Services to Your Friends and Earn Money

Please complete up to 8 of your friend’s email addresses below and we will send notice of our services to your friends. IMPORTANT: For the letter we send to be most effective, please enter your FULL NAME in the form below, NOT just your first name. Also IMPORTANT, please be sure to enter the email address that you are using to receive our communications in the email box to ensure that we can identify you as well. (Our Privacy Policy: We promise not to sell any email addresses to any outside 3rd party or use these emails for any other use other than for this specific email notification.)

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For FULL DISCLOSURE, the short letter below is the one-time communication your friends will receive:


I'm a current member of SmartKnowledgeU™, a niche, independent wealth consultancy service that provides top-notch consultancy services with a very strong track record of performance during the past 5 years of this economic crisis. I've used SmartKnowledgeU™'s services to learn the truth about this economic crisis that world governments are withholding from us.

For example, the SmartKnowledgeU™ Crisis Investment Opportunities investment newsletter has returned a cumulative +169.68%, outperforming the S&P 500, the FTSE 100 and the ASX 200 each by more than 150% from its launch in June 2007 until December 2012, and remained positive even during awful stock markets in 2008, despite a very difficult and volatile investment environment in recent years. Though these gains sound extraordinary, they are real. SmartKnowledgeU™ has achieved these gains by having the vision to heavily concentrate assets in gold and silver from the first day of the launch of their company, years before Precious Metals were even on the horizon of the average investment research firm. In 2008, their Chief Investment Strategist predicted the 2008 stock market crash just 18 days before it happened. You may read about it here if you wish. Today, he is predicting that a second, much worse phase of this global economic crisis is coming and that 2012 will be greatly rewarding for gold and silver investors. The services SmartKnowledgeU™ provides can help you properly allocate your investment assets, a decision that will be critical not only to the preservation of your wealth, but also to your ability to accumulate wealth in future years. Since 2006, SmartKnowledgeU™ has been spot on about all their long-term economic calls.

Regarding SmartKnowledgeU™'s publicly syndicated investment analysis, readers state, "You won't see this type of analysis on NBC","Far and away, the single best article I've ever read on [Zero Hedge]", and "This is an exceptionally well written and informative article addressing a topic few will even acknowledge [gold price suppression schemes]. I'd love to see this in the WSJ, or CNBC...Unfortunately mainstream intellect dictates this will never occur". Despite high praise for SmartKnowledgeU™'s publicly available analysis, their private subscription memberships provide a superior level of information that is of much greater utility towards building significant wealth. To read testimonials from paying members, please click here.

As we gear up to enter a period of very difficult economic times that very few people are planning for, I thought that you might want to be informed about the services I've been using to protect my family's financial future.

You may download the fact sheets that describe all SmartKnowledgeU™ memberships below, but for more information, including some MUST READ articles and videos that are updated weekly, please visit their website at

The Crisis Investment Opportunities monthly newsletter
The Wealth Secrets membership
The Platinum Membership
The SmartKnowledgeU™ Private & Corporate consultation

Best regards,