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Testimonials about the SmartKnowledgeU™ Founder
& Our Proprietary Investment System
"Thank you...for your excellent work. I almost cannot believe what happened after I subscribed to SmartKnowledgeU in February 2015. My only mistake was not to subscribe earlier!"
- Michael S., Germany
"First off I want to thank you for being the best investment I have ever made in my life. After following you on seekingalpha for a while, reading into what you do, I subscribed to the CIO and now to the platinum membership. (I no longer follow seekingalpha when it has an author like Jason Schwarz who has 40,000 FOLLOWERS on it) More importantly, thank you for opening my eyes and exposing me to the garbage that is out there. We need people like you that think outside of the box who dig and find all kinds of stuff! I have been impressed with what you have shown me and continue to be amazed as my portfolio continues to make gains that make my friends envious."
- Daniel C., Canada
"I just want you to know how much I appreciate how you interact with your members and how you explain your thought process regarding PM investing. Your guidance is wonderful, and it imparts a feeling of your knowing the psychology of the inexperienced investors -- who are ready to 'jump in'-- (possibly at the wrong time....not knowing what we are doing :-) As you teach us, trust grows, as many of us may be a 'little', (that being an understatement) nervous, as we have lost money in the past, due to poor financial advice. I especially appreciate the kind, understanding and gentle quality of how you guide and 'take care' of your members. There is a very special quality that comes through very clearly, and I just wanted you to know how much I personally appreciate it.

It is clear that you are devoted to helping people and have a very deeply rooted vision; and the way you communicate exudes integrity, politeness and humanity. Actually, one of the main things that made me decide to become a member of CIO, besides the results you have achieved, was your explaining your successes as well as some things you had learned along the way. Your openly saying what you had learned caught my attention right away and was so refreshing. I am wary of 'spin,' and crave honesty, integrity and deeply appreciate the admission of fallibility in the people and organizations with which I am involved. We are all human and the act of openly stating not only our successes, but also the things that might have been done differently, communicates trust and respect that goes both ways (from you to your members-- i.e. we feel that we are real to you, and you respect us enough to be totally straightforward; and from the members to you-- because you are constantly building and strengthening trust and respect through your vast knowledge and candor)."
- Lyn B., USA
"I would like to say thanks to Mr. Kim for practicing great discipline and patience in his approach to investment timing. As the value of physical gold and silver rises daily to new highs, I find myself wrestling with the urge to jump in and buy more. Mr. Kim's practice of being patient and choosing entry/exit points that are based upon reduction of risk may seem obvious to him but to the average Joe (like me) it's a lesson that is hard to put into practice. Having him as a mentor has helped me to practice greater discipline and patience in my investing. In other words I am beginning to invest intelligently rather than emotionally - That alone has been worth the price of the [SmartKnowledgeU] Crisis Investment Opportunities subscription."
- James H., USA
"I remain very excited to have found such an insightful and honest company as SmartknowledgeU. I have some education in Austrian Economics, but haven't found any analyst who could explain the anomalies I've seen in the metals and provide accurate projections like those of JS Kim. The integrity and diligence of this company permeates the newsletters I've received, which is quickly winning my trust and satisfaction. I look forward to receiving more newsletters and having the opportunity to learn more about this unique company, which I believe is on the cutting edge of a financial reformation. "
- Levi K., USA
"[The Wealth Secrets Membership] was eye opening and fascinating. My business is in education, precisely for the reason that I could see so much wrong with it. It is an incredible feeling to be able to link up the causes and effects and then to link them to all the other nagging feelings that I had about media, politics and money. Truly exhilirating."
- Daniel J., United Kingdom
"Money has definitely been made, you pretty much timed this thing to perfection. Absolutely incredible. Got plenty of dry powder left and ready to load up again when you give the word." (regarding a warning to take profits with specific precious metal stocks in 2009, the SmartKnowledgeU™ Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter)
- Tim D., California, USA
"I did buy some [of the investments you discussed]. They're up 125%...I've always believed that knowledge is power. Not only do you have a huge arsenal of knowledge, you have the intuition. You are truly gifted, and I am blessed to have SmartKnowledgeU™ as a friend."
- Angela C., California, USA
"As a new subscriber and a novice having to go it alone and learn very quickly, I want to thank you very much for your excellent and perfectly timed alert today, which is well explained and not too complicated for first time investors. I was afraid your platinum subscription was going to be way above my head, but it seems possible for first-time investors to follow you too. A great relief! You obviously have humility and patience to deal with beginners, traits of character in short supply in the financial business and if others like you realized the huge niche there is for clients like me, a clear step by step hand holding guidance to walking through the minefield of manipulated markets, they would be astounded at the business opportunity there....(even in my ignorance, I, a mere private individual beginner/investor am already being asked by friends/family around me if I would invest for them!). There are large amounts of wealthy individuals desperate and left hanging out there...and the classic mistake by the majority of investment advice is to forget that we know nothing. Period. Anyway, many many thanks!"
- S.G., Switzerland
"Whilst I purchased your Platinum level membership a couple of weeks ago, it has only been in the last 36 hours that I have actually gotten into the modules (21-28). So two words: WOW! and THANK YOU! Actually three words... but truly, I am finding the information and the degree of detail fascinating, I feel your passion for this subject coming off the screen! And, importantly, I am acting on this information. Thank you for your massive efforts in putting this course together and making it available to all."
- Jamie T., Melbourne, Australia
Regarding the SmartKnowledgeU Private Consultation: "Your input has been most valuable and you have given me so much confidence and knowledge about the current crisis. I am certain that my portfolio would not be where it is today if not for your services. I am delighted to report that my [ ]portfolio is doing very well! Earlier this week, I made over $20,000 in one day in just my stocks (not even including the [other investments we discussed]).....I couldn't have done it without you...I do subscribe to a number of different services to provide me with a well rounded perspective; however, your service is by far the most detailed and thorough (and my favorite). "
- Cheryl W., Indiana, USA
Regarding a specific and timely investment opportunity we sent all Platinum Level members in a 2008 Special Alert: "Sold all 150 calls and locked in gains of about $23,000 [in just two weeks time]. Thanks!"
- Rich K., Florida, USA
"You were so prescient in predicting all of this -- it's amazing! I remember you predicting Washington Mutual failing too! You really do have a crystal ball."
- Joanna G., California, USA
"I am definitely more confident [about investing on my own]. Since I became a [Platinum] Member, I have consolidated all of my 401k funds into one Fidelity account, and the investments I have made have been significantly better than if I had left them where they were. I am 55 years old and only have about 10 more years to get my 401k healthy to a point that I can retire and live a fairly good life. I am confident I can get my account up significantly so that my children will not have to worry about my finances as I grow older."
- Diane H., Maryland, USA
"I am making money now, and your input has been very valuable to me, as I am learning about the economics and investment. I am quite grateful to get to know and learn from you at the early stage of my investment, and it has set me on a good and right track."
- Aaron K., California, USA
"I have rarely met a professional with so much deep insight and knowledge about his area of expertise. The advice John gives is to the point and easy to follow. I will highly recommend John to anyone."
- Tim H., Bangkok, Thailand
"I truthfully want to thank SmartKnowledgeU Team, especially Mr. Kim, for allowing other people to learn about such precious knowledge that we could hardly ever find elsewhere. I confidently believe that the things that SmartKnowledgeU teaches will be significantly influential to so many people. Mr. Kim allows me to live outside the machine where its system restricts the population from seeing the truth for themselves. I consider myself very lucky for knowing Mr. Kim and SmartKnowledgeU."
- Max K., Seoul, South Korea
"I have stressed to both of [my children] that reading these modules [the SmartKnowledgeU™ wealth literacy modules for young adults] can be life changing if they put some effort into reading the material... Once again, thank you very much for sharing this material with my children. I sincerely believe this will change their life."
- Diane H., Maryland, USA
"Mr. Kim is one of the best high performing executives I know in Japan. He has excellent connections at the highest levels in various industries, high level skills in foreign languages, highly self-motivated individual, displays leadership skills, nice personality and is a member of the corporate elite in Asia. I recommend him without any hesitation. It is always a pleasure to work with Mr. Kim and we would welcome another opportunity to partner with him."
- Al P., Tokyo, Japan
"Having completed the review of the last nine months consulting and advice that you have carried out on my behalf, I am more than satisfied with the results we have achieved. Your forecast of the market movements has proved correct and far exceeds any other investments I have. I also appreciate your advice on currency movements which have also been a great help to me. Looking forward to a long and profitable relationship."
- Theodore B., Bangkok, Thailand
And from someone that first requested a refund from our Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter before reviewing our materials: "Well, I have been reading your material all day... I am not sure I have what it takes to stick with your program... however, I will retract my request for a refund, because I can tell that even if I do not use any of your suggestions, the information is still priceless. Thank you Sir."
- N.C., California, USA

Testimonials about the SmartKnowledgeU™ Founder
& Our Proprietary Investment System

"I want to thank you for this article from the bottom of my heart, much respect to you and God bless you for saying the truth... you are one in a million."
"You won't see this analysis on NBC, but we will be reading the book about it "The Lost Decade 2010-2020" (on our third generation iPad)."
"I read many online blogs and commentaries and this one is by far the most insightful. "Bulls eye" on what's going on. It addresses the strategies from a psych ops perspective of how the deceit is done by the wealthy to take advantage of the less aware/ unfortunate...I look forward to reading this blog and related articles and have bookmarked it. My sentiments/intentions and research are absolutely aligned with this type of thinking. God Bless you for serving mankind and knowledge is power, one can make the right decisions to protect themselves and safeguard their families. I'm a natural health practitioner and precious metals broker only after having been taken advantage by monied interest on both fronts and learning the hard 'knox' way that we are all being taken advantage of and suffered the same fate in two of the most important factors of one's happiness in life, having your independence with good health and wealth."
"Yes! 'This change will have to come from the people.' A powerful piece, JS Kim, paralleling in impact Thomas Paine's political pamphlet, Common Sense. that "brought the rising revolutionary sentiment into sharp focus by placing blame for the suffering of the colonies directly" on the perpetrator."
"Far and away the single best article I've ever read on ZH. Excellent work."
"The monetary system today, as it has been structured by Central Bankers, is immoral....if you need a sock puppet I am more than willing to lend my sock.....I have posted profusely on this thread and am in complete agreement with your theses and observations....I did not think I would find someone so articulate and pertinent in the discussion of the issues as you."
"Mr. Kim has dissected Nouriel Roubini's pale effort at a reasoned critique of gold investment with the skill of one who is well practiced in the art of employing Occam's Razor. Kudos to Mr. Kim for an exceptional analysis..."
"Mr. Kim - Your analogies are slightly flawed. When the dam breaks again, washing away the village, and the undersea mountain of gubmint bull$#!+ collapses, decimating all shores with a monstrous tsunami, only 98% of the villagers will perish. The other 2% listened to you and will be safely standing on immovable stacks of gold & silver bars and coins. Keep the great articles coming!"
"This series on traditional education has been one of the most informative pieces of information I have ever read. That was great. Despite your double masters, you are truly brilliant. I feel like the 21 year old kid you mentioned, only my debt load is significantly less. I think you answered my question on whether or not to get an MBA."
"I applaud you for your truthfulness and devotion in providing your "underground" theory for people to consider... what is the right course for them to take in life. At 68 years of age, I've made millions and lost millions. Yet, i'm still in the "ballgame" due simply to the beliefs that you espouse. I'm certainly nowhere as smart as you, my old math SAT score would verify that, yet as you state, ...it's all about the "passion". Without this simple 7 letter, 2 sylable word, all the institutional formatted education in the world, will be of little to no benefit. I figured out a long time ago, that if something/anything... is for sale, be it an expensive ivy league diploma or whatever, it's not because of a moral conviction to improve mankind, but moreso because of the profit motive to accumulate wealth. There's nothing inherently wrong with this, just most people I believe, are maybe, somewhat gullible , and can't /or refuse to "see the clearing thru the woods". Keep up the good work, we'll be rooting you on from the sidelines."
"I agree with the article, but you will not suceed in getting most Wall Street investors to ever really understand this. They keep believing their advisors and friends and thus will keep losing purchasing power and their standard of living. And therefore, Wall Street will keep getting their muti-million bonus year after year. My close relative lost in excess of $300,000 in the Fall of 2008 and died within 9 months (from the stress I believe). I guess when many authors call people "Sheeple" it kind of fits."
"It is about time the truth is told about gold and silver. Thank you. Continue the good work."
"I know a lot of readers have shared this but I truly believe that this is the best article I've ever read on ZH. Thank you sir."
"Anyway, I loved this article.....God I loved it...."
"J S Kim is the only one who gets to the bottom of the problem. Unsound money leads to bankruptcy. It just happens too slow for most meat heads to see. Excellent article."
"Good article Mr. Kim, I cannot fault your reasoning. I used to be a fan of Roubini but now I fear he has lost his way."
"I have been struck by the highly selective and misleading data mining employed by the politicians, economists and their fellow travelers who denigrate those who invest in gold. Bubble indeed. Have they applied their same flawed reasoning to the bubble in fiat currencies now inflating? No, that would be too painful. It is interesting that the first comment to this article by Mr. Kim, was contributed by someone with the identity of "jrainspe" who dashed off a one liner of questionable utility, i.e., "BS." Perhaps a bit of projection, I assume."