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If you want to learn the truth of our current global economic crisis, the time to learn the best ways to buy gold and silver & how to select the best gold and silver mining stocks is now.

Today, politicians, bankers & the media are more concerned about creating a deceitful perception of economic confidence versus telling us the truth about their currency wars. Consequently, an increasing number of people are turning to physical gold and physical silver as well as the best mining stocks as safe havens to guard against inevitable fiat currency destruction. In increasingly fragile economic times, this is the time to dig in and show resolve versus succumbing to fear or to the delusion that "everything will be okay". Since 2006, we've provided hard-hitting investment truths to our clients, with a focus on the best ways to buy gold and the best ways to buy silver, including hard assets and the best gold and silver mining stocks. Accordingly, from June 2007 to February 25, 2014, our SmartKnowledgeU Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter turned an initial $1,000,000 investment into $1,808,788, outperforming our true benchmark PHLX Gold/Silver Sector Index (XAU) by nearly three times as the XAU declined to $636,810. During the same investment period, the ASX 200 also declined and the FTSE 100 barely managed a nominal gain, turning $1MM respectively into $866,300 and $1,027,160. And the S&P 500, the star index of the bunch, yielded only $1,211,530, an underperformance of our flagship newsletter of nearly $600,000 on an initial $1MM investment, despite the most artificially Federal Reserve manipulated US stock market rise in history! (click here for the performance chart that clearly illustrates the deceit of diversification theory) At SmartKnowledgeU, we provide our clients understanding of how bankers manipulate gold prices & silver prices (黄金价格 and 白银价格), so that they can correctly interpret the significant,temporary declines that occur in gold prices & silver prices. Though all commercial investment firms denigrated gold and silver and sold stocks like they were going out of style to begin 2014 due to the outperformance of the S&P 500 in 2013, at SmartKnowledgeU, our strategies always consider long-term trends and avoid chasing short-term unsustainable bubbles. At SmartKnowledgeU we help clients tackle the deceitful messages of charlatan politicians and Western bankers head on to maneuver and respond to developing bad economic situations quickly and remain prosperous during the most difficult of economic times. The more we engage in the fiction and delusion of "recovering economies", the easier we become to deceive. By being rooted in truth as much as possible, we can thrive in today's economic and monetary environment. Join us by becoming a member at SmartKnowledgeU and learn by turning the disadvantage of today's currency wars into your advantage.
On April 23, 2008, our Managing Director, JS Kim, wrote an amazingly prescient article titled Will US Markets Crash Now or Later? By 18 business days later, US markets started crashing until they shed more than 50% of its value! JS states, "As we begin 2014, we are in grave danger of another 2008-like crash." By advocating purchasing gold and silver as early as 2006 on our blog, we have always taken the time to understand the long-term trends of gold and silver based upon today's Central Bank currency wars. Today, our diverse membership base includes citizens of Sweden, Argentina, Greece, Taiwan, Switzerland, England, the United States, Scotland, Canada, Ireland, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, the Czech Republic, and New Zealand. Our client diversity reflects our philosophy of not only putting our clients' interests first but also reflects our clients' admirable courage in using our guidance to transform a very difficult investment atmosphere into a position of advantage. Our mission at SmartKnowledgeU is not only to help our clients discover the best ways to buy gold and the best ways to buy silver and the very best gold and silver mining stocks, but also to encourage full immersion in truth, as this is the ONLY path to economic prosperity.
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