explanation of the SmartKnowledgeU™ membership pricing
All SmartKnowledgeU™ services are priced upon a gold standard and current gold prices (黄金价格). We wanted to show our clients our fierce commitment to our "Sound Money For a Better Future" policy by walking the walk. In the first quarter of 2009, we became the first business in the world to move to a gold pricing standard (黄金价格) to counteract the wealth destruction of Central Bank monetary policies. We chose to institute a gold standard and current gold prices in an attempt to alert all people to the merits of sound money. Gold has no counterparty risk whereas unsound fiat (paper) currencies have counterparty risk as bankers bring fiat currencies into existence as debt. We are so confident in the merits of gold as money that should the price of gold (黄金价格) drop in terms of US dollars, we are willing to accept the resultant lesser US dollar price for our services. This has already happened two times. Once in 2008 and for another extended period of time from 2011 to 2015, leading to heavily discounted prices for our services for many years. However, as we understand that both significant drops in gold were artificially manufactured by Central Banks and did not interrupt the upward trajectory in the gold and silver bull market, we told all clients/prospects that we would not abandon our gold standard because our commitment to furthering the principles of sound money at the cost of lower annual revenues was an important message to send everyone. Furthermore, though our newest subscribers often inquire as to why our prices have often risen, we answer that our prices have remained constant for many years now in gold prices (黄金价格). For example, if you priced our retail membership of the CIO newsletter at the same 0.25 ounces of gold that is its current price at the time we launched our newsletter in 2007, you would have paid only $160 per a 6-month subscription. Thus, it is the Central Bank monetary policies of devaluing the Euro, the Yen, the Pound Sterling, the US dollar etc. that has created the consequent rise in the fiat currency prices of our services. For our current clients, the rise in the price of fiat currencies should be irrelevant because our strategies position them to earn profits that should more than negate any increase in the price of our services due to Central Bank fiat currency devaluation policies. The prices for all of our services are now fixed to a constant amount of gold and we will re-price all of our services on the 1st of every month based upon the 60-day average price of 0.9999 fine 1-ounce Credit Suisse gold bar (as listed on the APMEX gold bullion dealer website) for the two prior months. Below is the USD conversion rate for the current month based upon our gold standard. For a DESCRIPTION of all services, please click on the Membership Options button in the menu bar at the top of the page.
Therefore the bold prices listed above in terms of gold will become our standard prices, though we will continue to price our services in the US dollar equivalent of the constant gold amounts. For example, the US dollar amounts for our services listed on our homepage will appropriately reflect this pricing change to the gold standard. In July, 2009, the price of our CIO newsletter was the US dollar equivalent of a half ounce of gold, in September, 2010, the price of our CIO newsletter was still the US dollar equivalent of a half ounce of gold and in July 2013 our CIO newsletter was still the US dollar equivalent of a half ounce of gold (physical). The same holds true for the prices of our other services. For a detailed explanation of how this pricing system will work, please read the section below "How We Determine the Prices of Our Services Based Upon the Gold Standard".
ATTENTION If you are an employee of an investment firm, bank, or any type of financial services firm that deals with banking or investing services, you must pay the institutional, and not, the individual rates for our services. Please see our member fact sheets located on our home page for more details.

regular membership Individual Institutional
6-mo. platinum membership 2.875 oz gold 5 oz gold
6-mo. limited platinum membership 1.75 oz gold 3.50 oz gold
6-mo. platinum renewal 1.625 oz gold 5 oz gold
smartknowledge wealth academy tba tba
6-mo. crisis investment opportunities (cio) 0.25 oz gold 0.50 oz gold
private consultation 8.1889 oz gold n/a
corporate half day n/a 5 oz gold
corporate full day n/a 10 oz gold

discounted package upgrades
6-mo. platinum to 6-mo. platinum & private consultation 5.3139 oz gold n/a
6-mo. platinum to 6-mo. platinum & cio membership US$30 discount n/a

*The new Gold Equivalent Prices (GEP) of our Memberships for May 2018 based upon the average PHYSICAL gold price for the prior 2-months (黄金价格) of a 1-oz Credit Suisse gold bullion bar ($1,377.80 per ounce). To see the dollar equivalent prices for all memberships, please click on the "Membership Options" button in the menu at the top of this page.

**the prices in the discounted upgrades is the discounted price of the add on membership in each package, either the private consultation or the cio membership. All membership levels for our online investment strategy curriculum and newsletter services are valid for a 3-month or 6-month period only. All upgrade membership deals are only valid on the date of purchase or WITHIN 90 DAYS of your original membership sign up date. You are not eligible to upgrade your membership after more than 90 days have passed from the date of your original purchase.
the rationale behind our pricing
Gold, just like the world's major currencies, is a form of currency. If it were not, there would be no reason all Central Banks hold gold as part of their currency reserves. Therefore, we are merely pegging the prices of our services to a gold standard. Though you will see our prices adjusted on the first of every month in US dollars, our price in gold will actually never be changing unless we change the listed price of our services in terms of gold. Thus, pricing our services in gold is a similar decision to pricing our services in Pound Sterling were our company based in the United Kingdom or in Euros if we were based in Germany. Having to pay a different amount for our services in Australian dollars or Canadian dollars because the exchange rate to gold has changed is no different than having to pay a different amount of Australian or Canadian dollars for our services because the exchange rate of these currencies to the Euro had changed.
Pricing our services based upon a gold standard illustrates our willingness to put "our money where our mouth is" during this monetary crisis in the sense that if gold declines, our services will also become cheaper. We believe that gold is a true currency; thus it is logical to tie the price our services to a form of money that we consider sound versus currencies like the US dollar, the Pound Sterling, or the Euro, that we consider to be unsound.
how we determine the prices of our services based on the gold standard
The price that will be re-set every month for our services will be based upon the average price of gold in the New York COMEX markets for the previous two months. For example, in 2012, if the average previous two-month price of gold dropped from $1,769.10 to $1681.91 per fine troy ounce, then the price of our CIO investment newsletter, at ½ ounce of gold would have dropped from USD $445 to USD $420 per a 6-month subscription; our 6-month Platinum Membership, at 2.875 ounces of gold, would have dropped from USD $5,085 to USD $4,835, and so on. We will reset our prices in dollar terms on a monthly basis, at the start of every month, and this will remain the price of this service from the first to the last day of this month. However, in gold terms, the prices of our services have not changed in 8-years and we have not raised prices in terms of gold for 8-years straight (please note that we reserve the right to raise prices in gold at any time).
In fact, since we started pricing our services on a "gold standard", the prior 2-month average price of gold has indeed dropped in subsequent months at times, and thus, so did the prices of our services. We did not cease pricing our services in gold in the past when our "gold standard" caused the prices of our services to drop. We believe that gold is a true currency; thus it is logical to tie the price of our services to a form of money that we consider sound versus currencies like the US dollar, the Pound Sterling, or the Euro, that we consider to be unsound.
Conversely, if the price of gold in US dollars climbs higher to an average price of $2,000 per fine troy ounce in the prior two-months, then the price of our 6-month CIO investment newsletter subscription will re-adjust to USD $500; the Platinum Membership cost would adjust upwards as well to the US dollar equivalent of its constant gold price; and so on. Please note that with our CIO gold and silver newsletter, that your price for a 3-month and 6-month membership renewal will likely change from your original purchase price, depending upon the change in the 2-month rolling average price of a 1-oz gold Credit Suisse bar.
When we keep our gold prices steady, our prices will only change because the exchange rate of the US dollar per ounce of gold is changing. This is a standard that we foresee maintaining. Of course, we retain the right to raise the price of our services in ounces of gold, but this is not something that we would do in direct response to a falling gold price. As we stated we have kept prices constant in terms of gold for 8-years now, even in the face of falling gold prices in 2012 and 2013 that resulted in lower dollar prices for our clients. If we raise prices in gold prices, it will only be in response to rising corporate expenses that we need to cover.
note to our current members
To our clients, our pricing scheme that fixes our prices to a gold standard should not concern you as we will always position our services to the best of our abilities to ensure that you profit from this monetary crisis. Therefore if the prices of our services in US dollars should rise considerably given our gold standard, you should find yourself well positioned in your investments such that the rise in your investment holdings should more than compensate for any increase in the US dollar price of our services whether you hold Pound Sterlings, Yen, Euros, US dollars, or any other fiat currency. Furthermore, we are currently granting all current members the option to lock in renewal prices up to three months prior to your current membership expiration date.
For example, if you have a membership that is expiring on October 3, 2016, you may renew your service at any time on or after, but NOT prior, to July 3, 2016 at the current stated prices at the time. Thus, if your current membership expires on October 3, 2016, and you chose to renew your membership in July of 2016, a 6-month renewed membership would still expire 6-months from October 3, 2016, and not from the time you chose to lock-in your renewal price. All members may view the expiration date of their current services at the top of the page that appears immediately after logging in to the members' area of our website.