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how the revolutionary SmartKnowledgeU system works: part 1
Today, when stock markets rise in the face of horrid economic fundamentals, fundamental and technical analysis are inadequate when making critical decisions about your financial future. If Presidents, Prime Ministers and Harvard economists state that the economy is rebounding, we don't take their word and neither should you. Instead we follow the money trail. If the money trail strongly indicates the contrary is far more likely to come true, as has been the case for many years now, we plan for what the money trail, not our Heads of State, tell us. Knowledge that we offer, such as that contained inside all of our memberships, will help ensure that you make the proper decisions for your financial future. If one expects to be profitable in today's investment world, one MUST realize that ALL MARKETS ARE RIGGED, including gold, silver, currency and stock markets. Watch this MUST-VIEW video to understand how a former hedge fund manager used to rig markets with a mere $5 million in capital! The reality is that there are plenty of people in the investment industry willing to rob you blind as long as you fail to understand the mechanisms by which they rob you. Legislators won't protect you. Regulators won't protect you. You must take action to protect yourself.
Leveraging the recent proliferation of top-notch quality information available through the World Wide Web, we have developed proprietary investment strategies, some of which would have been impossible to use just five years ago, and others that took about five years to refine. Below, we explain how we leverage the flattening of the information world to achieve far superior returns than is possible with traditional investment methods. We also explain how we uncover the best ways to invest in gold, the best ways to invest in silver and how to profit from this ongoing monetary crisis. We realized that the masses of investors have failed to recognize three crucial things. We used these three crucial things to develop our proprietary SmartKnowledgeU™ Investment System.
Almost every government in the world is a "Corporatocracy" or some would even say a "Kleptocracy." The fact that there has been almost zero evolution in the strategies of top-ranked investment firms in over one-hundred-years is simply astounding. Instead, all global firms today remain fixated on outdated concepts like diversification and asset allocation; and growth and value investing. Analysts bury their noses in mountains of numbers - corporate balance sheets, statements of cash flow, and price to earning ratios. None of them leverage the flattening of the information world to uncover government-corporate-banking relationships that are far better predictors of stock & asset performance and can even tip an investor off regarding the best ways to invest in gold and silver and how to weight different assets in gold and silver in one's portfolio.
Politics and large financial institutions drive everything from crude oil prices, currency valuations, interest rate decisions, employment reports, the assignments of "Most Favored Nation" status, percentages of business contracts awarded to companies, and even decisions of nations to turn to war. In turn, every one of these factors substantially influences the performance of global markets, individual stocks and "alternative" asset classes such as gold and silver. At SmartKnowledgeU™, we have heavily researched the influence of politics and financial institutions upon corporate performance and have leveraged these relationships to develop a system that uncovers stocks that virtually guarantee significant positive returns in an industry where guarantees usually never exist.
how the revolutionary SmartKnowledgeU system works: part 2
As the below diagram illustrates, millions of investors lose substantial amounts of money, miss out on significant bull runs, or fail to avoid market crashes because they don't take advantage of a freely accessible tier of information that would alert them to the best ways to invest money and the best ways to invest in gold and silver, whether during a bull market or market crash. Instead, they are misled by erroneous reports disseminated by the mass media.
Below, you will see the calls I made regarding gold in 2006 by leveraging the information highway. You can see that each time gold turned up or corrected steeply, I called each move BEFORE it happened. All of my calls were in writing, and dated in my newsletters and blogs that thousands of subscribers & visitors read back then so I could not be making any of this up in hindsight. Back then we informed investors of the best ways to invest in gold and silver, and today, we continue to do so, because depending on the present environment, the best ways to invest in gold and silver change from time to time.
how the revolutionary SmartKnowledgeU system works: part 3
There has been such a rapid proliferation of high-quality, top-notch information accessible out there that even investors that realize they are sitting on a gold mine of information are often paralyzed by not knowing how to process the vast sea of available information. They may understand that they need to invest in gold and silver, but do not understand how to do so or what percentages of their portfolio should be invested in each. For years, when I was a Private Wealth Manager at one of the world's largest investment firms, I repeatedly heard the top analysts state that markets were 100% efficient and therefore, there was no possible way to leverage information to achieve stellar returns in the stock market. The first time I heard this I knew it was rubbish. Why? When I earned a double Masters, one in Business Administration, and another in Public Policy many years ago, I spent two years researching exactly how information flows through the mass media for my thesis. Sometimes being informed of where to look and what to look for is not enough.
Our SmartKnowledgeU™ investment system not only explains how to leverage the flattening of the information world, but we also explain how you need to process the information you uncover. Without this last crucial step of properly processing information, superior returns are still extremely difficult to achieve. When we speak of stocks and assets that achieve superior returns, we speak of stocks and assets that do not beat major indexes by 5% or 10% but by 50%, 100% or more.
Above are two graphs of two stocks, one that was well known in Asia and the other that became well known after it climbed 60% to 70% in a matter of months. Both of these stocks returned about 100% returns for us in about six month's time each. Although both of these stocks eventually received major coverage from major global firms, our system allowed us to identify them as "strong buys" months before any major global firm started tracking them closely. By buying in early, our profits were 100% versus the 15% to 20% achieved by many global investment firms. To hear what our clients worldwide in more than 33 different countries have to say about our services, please click on the "Testimonials" tab below.